Welcome to NVC Meditations!

Do you want to get the most out of your life and your relationships with others?

Imagine being at peace with yourself and feeling content with your life!

Imagine resolving any challenges that come your way with ease and grace!


Imagine waking up every morning smiling, appreciating yourself for who you are and feeling grateful for all the people who bring joy and meaning to your life!


Presenting a unique CD of transformative guided meditations:


The Heart of Connection


Created by CNVC certified trainers Inessa Love, Robert Gonzales and Miki Kashtan.


Inspired by Nonviolent CommunicationTM and grounded in Mindfulness, these meditations offer powerful and effective ways to:

Bring new insight and perspective to difficult situations

Transform unhelpful habits and grow your innate compassion

Resolve conflicts and create peace in your life and in the world.


Is this CD for you?


Do you encounter difficult people and situations that challenge your ability to maintain your inner peace, be in harmony with others and enjoy your life?


Which is it for you?


Is it the people closest to you - your partner, your kids or extended family members that push your buttons, causing tempers to fly?


Or is it your boss or your co-workers who give you a hard time?


Maybe the conflict is within yourself and you are your own harshest critic who is breeding unhappiness and discontent?


Perhaps you just need some support in dealing with life circumstances that don't seem to be the way you want them?


Do you know that any unresolved interpersonal conflicts or on-going discontent about life drain your energy, use up your precious time, and reduce your enjoyment of life?


Now you have an effective tool to deal with any challenges that come your way!


Use these meditations anytime you have a difficult situation, or when you want to increase your level of awareness, self-knowledge and inner peace.


Why are these meditations unique?


These meditations are unique because they blend the powerful ideas and higher consciousness inspired by Nonviolent Communication with a deeply transformative practice of Mindfulness and the timeless value of compassion.


These meditations take you on a journeystarting from where you are, no matter how challenging your situation isand guide you through a series of steps and experiences to the destination your heart desires: Inner Peace and Harmonious Relationships.


By listening to these meditations you will gain insights, new perspective and a deeper understanding of yourself and others. You can get a completely new view on any challenging situation you find yourself in! From this new place you can take actions that will most support you in creating the life you want.


OK, I am not going to claim that these meditations will solve ALL your problems! However, this is a powerful step you can take. This is a practice that, when engaged in regularly, will lead to a different state of mind and more satisfaction with your life.


Imagine having a personal coach and guide in the form of this CD available anytime you need support and assistance.




What do other people say about these meditations?


Of course, you'd like to know what other's experiences have been like! I am deeply grateful to the people quoted below, who allowed me to use their real names along with their testimonials.


This is a wonderful combination of meditation and NVC. In a very brief meditation, I felt shifts and got insights that will guide me in a specific conversation I'll be having this week. This was a profoundly helpful process. R. White.


These meditations were extremely helpful in moving me from a stuck place to clarity. I always underestimate my need for self-compassion, and how giving myself a big dose of it clears up most of the relationship difficulties for me. - Susan Fleischmann


I love the gentle pace the guided meditations take me on and with that lovely accent and pauses they take me to the depths of meditation practice. I work out of home and your meditation is so relaxing that I actually feel very energetic after it and I am more productive. These days I do them twice a day and it breaks my long days at the office with a power boost. So thank you..." - Prem Carnot


Thank you for this meditation. I enjoyed it thoroughly, found it to be very rich with ideas and images, and will enjoy listening to it many times and getting stronger and stronger over time. I particularly enjoyed the sequence of the stepsfrom opening relaxation through setting an intention, anchoring the intention, and integrating the experience. I know we don't want to use judgments and labels, but I would just like to squeeze in that I think the structure is brilliant! I had never thought before about all of the steps that you outlined here. They are so helpful, not only for self compassion and compassion for others, but for many experiences in life. Joy Peyton.


I enjoyed dedicating this time to mindfully analyze a particular situation; having the guidance in this process helped to keep me focused. This seems like an essential exercise for healthier and more wholesome life, like eating nutritious food and drinking clean water. - Masha Ageeva


When I began practicing with the CD, I felt closed to the other person in my heart. As I listened I was surprised to focus on myself with so much care and tenderness; I felt my heart melting and I began to feel warm and safe and open to myself and then to the other person. I found that I need to feel safe and included, and when I don't, I feel vulnerable and unhappy. And most of all I found that by listening to the CD I can find that safe place inside myself and then I feel included in my own life and all is well - really truly. I feel grateful to you for these meditations they really work!

- Susan Hadler, psychotherapist and a long-time mindfulness practitioner.


Dear Inessa, Thank you for your wonderful guided meditations. I was especially inspired to let go of some self-criticism, dropped the blame and shame talk and began to just enjoy my life for what it was, not worry about what it was not. I also appreciated looking at a person with whom I have difficulty as just another human like me trying to get his needs met as best he can.

JoAnn Malone, peacemaker, mediator and mindfulness practitioner.


Once you practice with the CD please email me how you have benefitedI would love to post YOUR testimonial here as well.


Ok, I am curious now, what's on the CD?


On the CD you will find a short introduction and 5 powerful meditations for a total of 77 minutes of running time!


Here is a list of the tracks you will find on the CD:


1. Introduction (6:24)

The introduction will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of your practice with the CD. It introduces the concept of universal human needs - the core idea of Nonviolent Communication - and suggests how to use the CD for the most benefit.


2. Self-compassion: Watering the seeds of love and kindness within (14:51)

Self Compassion is the foundation for inner peace and harmonious relationships. In this meditation you become aware of your inner judgments and release them. You will set an intention for how you'd like to treat yourself and visualize yourself fulfilling this intention. You will then practice a powerful breathing technique to anchor your intention and end with a planed action to reaffirm your commitment to yourself. This meditation sets the ground for your relationships with others.


3. Sharing in our common humanity: Opening your heart to others (14:28)

This meditation assists you in transforming a challenging situation that involves another person and cultivating more compassion for this person. You clarify your needs and the needs of the other person and experience a sense of your shared humanity. Then you practice a nourishing breathing technique that supports the opening of your heart to this person. You end with a vision of the well-being for both of you, and you experience the healing of pain and discord.


4. Bridging the gap of separation: Clarifying your intention (13:22)

In this meditation you continue working on a challenging situation that involves another person. You start with taking a look at your habitual patterns that block understanding and connection and then set an intention for what you really want. Then you imagine an outcome that is in line with your intentionand is mutually satisfying. You use the power of your intention to first visualize and then create the outcome your heart desires.


5. From deficiency to fullness: Dwelling in the beauty of needsby Robert Gonzales (14:34)

This meditation is created and recorded by Robert Gonzales who pioneered the process of transforming the pain of unmet needs to the beauty of needs. For this meditation you can use any challenging situationwhether it involves another person or not. You first experience the state of deficiency a contraction resulting from attachment to an outcome that creates suffering. Then you experience the beauty of needs, the emotional state of fullness and fulfillment. You connect with the life energy of the needs. By listening to this meditation you can cultivate a state of inner peace whether or not your needs are met in the moment.


6. Transforming your inner struggle: Being one with your experienceby Miki Kashtan (13:42)

This meditation is created and recorded by Miki Kashtan. It will help you bring peace inside by accepting every aspect of your experience without tension or struggle about it. You can practice this meditation whether or not you have a specific challenging situation in mind. This meditation will help you to open your heart to all of your needs and gain deeper understanding and appreciation of your needs, while increasing your sense of acceptance and inner peace.


Is there music too?


Yes! All meditations are accompanied by beautiful and relaxing music composed by Ian Melish from his unique album, called The Chakras. The 7 tracks of this album correspond to each of the 7 chakras, each with its unique vibrational quality. The tracks are carefully selected to match the content of the meditations. For example, the lower chakra tracksred and orange - are used whenever we look at our blocks and constrictionsour judgments, the state of deficiency and isolation. The green chakraalso known as the Heart chakrais aligned with opening of our hearts and focusing on our needs. The meditations end with a higher vibration of the purple chakra to anchor the outcome you visualize and help you bring it into fruition. The music is gentle and relaxing, enhancing your experience of the meditation.

Who made the CD?


Ok, now it is time to introduce myself and my two collaborators Miki Kashtan and Robert Gonzales.


My name is Inessa Love, and my passion is to support people like you to find more peace and joy in your life and create satisfying and harmonious relationships with others!


I have been a student of mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh since 2002. When I took my five mindfulness training, which is a public commitment to living mindfully, I chose to focus on the fourth one, which is loving speech and deep listening. I knew there is a lot of conditioning for me to overcome and a lot I need to learn to truly live that teaching. Soon after, I began studying Nonviolent Communication, which game me a practical way to be more mindful of my communication patterns and develop more capacity for loving speech and deep listening. I became a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication in 2009. I believe the combination of two powerful modalities is very synergistic and that is why I created these meditations. For me, the heart of both practices is compassion for both ourselves and for others. Once we are able to reach a place of true compassion in our hearts, the communication will flow smoothly with ease and grace. These meditations are intended to help you reach that space inside your heart.


Here are a few more details about my journey. In 2000 I discovered Mindfulness practice in the tradition of Buddhist Zen master, Thich Nhat Hahn and I went on week-long retreats with him in 2002 in MA and 2003 in Plum Village, France. In 2002, I came across Nonviolent CommunicationTM, a process created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. After reading the first chapter of the book, I was hooked. This is exactly what I need, I thought, and it proved to be true! Since then I have attended over 90 days of training in NVC and in 2009 I became a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. My previous training is in economics and finance, and I earned a Ph.D. from Columbia University in 2001.



I am honored that two of my favorite teachersMiki Kashtan and Robert Gonzaleshave joined me in collaboration in creating this CD.


What inspires me the most with NVC is the beauty in people's eyes as they transform emotional suffering into joy, freedom, and compassion. I see NVC as a way to bring compassionate living energy into life. -Robert Gonzales


Robert Gonzales met Marshall Rosenberg in 1985, and has been offering Nonviolent Communication training since 1986. Robert is currently President of the Board of Directors for the Center for Nonviolent Communication. He has been a trainer at NVC International Intensive Trainings and has been an assessor for certifying trainers for the Center for Nonviolent Communication. He is also one of four NVC trainers who are part of the NVC Training Institute, which offers in depth and continuing NVC training in the United States and Europe.

The primary focus of what Robert offers is developing awareness of the consciousness of the living energy of needs or the beauty of needs. Robert has found this aspect to be the core of living and integrating NVC into life. This deepening work focuses on establishing a clear pathway to identifying, then experiencing and cultivating this consciousness. Without this inner work it is easy to get stuck in reactivity rather than living in peace and experiencing beauty.


Robert's original training is as a licensed psychotherapist. He received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1989.



One of the things I most love about NVC is that it's a very concrete and learnable practice. As we engage in this practice, we grow in our ability to open our hearts, to have compassion for ourselves and others, and to create peace on all levels. Miki Kashtan.


Miki Kashtan is a co-founder of BayNVC, an organization whose mission is to create a world where everyone's needs matter and people have the skills to make peace. Miki has been teaching Nonviolent Communication for 13 years. She has traveled extensively around the world, touching thousands of lives with her profound teachings.


Miki is a co-founder of the BayNVC Leadership Program, which was established in 2002 and has since trained hundreds of people to contribute to consciousness transformation within themselves, in their families and communities, and in the world.


Miki has been supporting the work of the Department of Peace Campaign with NVC coaching, and is passionate about contributing to social change. She is currently working on a book titled Dancing in the Gap of Uncertainty: Embracing Discomfort as a Path to Inner Freedom. Her articles have appeared in Tikkun magazine and elsewhere.


Miki's previous training is in sociology, she received a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 2000.


Now you make your choice:


I am interested and want to buy the MP3s!


I have some reservations. Please read "Yes, but" section below


Yes, but


OK, I am guessing what you might be thinking this sounds good, but There is always something in the way of our happiness, isn't there?


Below I address some of the BUTs that might be in the way of you getting the most inner peace and harmonious relationships that you want.


Yes, but I don't know how to meditate


You don't need to have any prior meditation experience to benefit from these guided meditations. All you need to do is to find a quiet place where you can sit or lay comfortably and listen to instructions on the CD.


There is no right or wrong way to do it! Trust yourself, and set an intention to get the experience you need.


But I don't like meditation - would I enjoy this CD?


Quite likely! Silent meditation is very hard for many people because our minds wander a lot and many of us end up getting more worked up rather than relaxed after our meditation practice.

This CD offers guided meditations, which support you in focusing your attention on thoughts, ideas and experiences that will help you transform your challenges and find more harmony and peace.


Instead of allowing your mind to wander aimlessly, getting trapped in familiar pathways of negativity, anger, and despair, these meditations take you on a guided tour, which opens up new possibilities that you had not thought possible, or that you simply forgot.


Yes, but I don't know much about Nonviolent Communication


You don't need to know anything about Nonviolent Communication to benefit from these meditations. The introduction track of the CD explains everything you need to know. In addition you get a free Needs list to support you in developing a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


Of course, the more practice and experience you have with NVC the more you can benefit from these mediations.


You can start where you are and get to where you want to go. All you need is a little time and an intention to transform your challenging situations into more peaceful, easeful and harmonious. Your intention is very important!


Yes, but it's the other person who is the problem, not me!


If someone is presenting a challenge in your life, do they also have to practice with these meditations for you to see the change? No!


Here is a quote that I love:


"For there to be conflict there has to be two opposing forces. If you refuse to be an opposing force, there is no conflict. The Heart of Connection CD will help you stop being an opposing force and start transforming your relationships.

- Reverend J. V. Love.


Imagine any conflict or challenging situation as an energetic exchange - you bring your energy to it, and the other side brings their energy. The two energies have to match to produce an explosion, or lead to contempt and disconnection.


As you practice with these meditations, your energy will change. You will gain deeper understanding, compassion and insight about the situation and have new perspective that will allow you to deal with it more effectively. As a result, your actions will change.


It is inevitable that the other side will change as well. Their energy will start shifting to match yours, and you both will move toward more harmony and peace.


This works equally as well when the conflict is within yourself. As you bring new energy to your inner experience, your inner experience of your life will certainly change.


Yes, but I don't have the time!


You may not have the time for hours or years of therapy, or an ability to attend expensive workshops and long retreats. But you can find 15 minutes for yourself, can't you?


Each meditation is under 15 minutes long so you CAN find the time!


To be realistic, sometimes 15 minutes may not be enough to transform deep pain and habitual patterns, especially if your challenge has been on-going for a while. The good news is that you can practice with these meditations over and over again. If you have a long-standing conflict with a particular person or a challenging life situation, practice with the meditations every day, or every time before you communicate to this person or face your particular situation. Over time, you will notice the difference.


Only one request: Please, don't listen while driving! I want you to be safe.


Yes, but I don't like being told what to do.


Neither do I! The CD allows you to access your own inner wisdom and rediscover what you already know in your heart. You imagine what you want to achieve in your life and you get your own insights and ideas of how to get there.


Check everything you hear with YOUR heart, if it resonates keep it, if it does not, let it go.


The CD is there to support you, not to instill someone else's ideas in your head!


The CD is the vehicle, but you are the driver.

You can drive it wherever you want to go.


Do you want to get to the most desirable destination in the world?


Destination Inner Peace and Harmonious Relationship!


You can get there one step at a time!



Sounds great, but What if it does not work for ME?


You can try this CD for 90 days COMPLETELY RISK-FREE!


That's a whole 3 months to listen to it as much as you want.


If, after listening to it and giving it your best intentions you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the CD or if it does not meet your expectations please send it back and we will promptly refund to you full 100% of the CD costs.


Are you ready to have more Inner Peace and Harmonious Relationships?


Yes, I want to try your MP3s completely risk free for 90 days!

I have a question or a comment for you